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nice, i would do something like this

nice, i would do something like this

Dic 2

Need A Wake Up call? You're not the only one lol Click Here pls

''Are you free tomorrow?'' No, I'm expensive.



Follow this blog, you will love it on your dashboard

(Fuente: spiritvality)

When You find out your roommate not coming back for the night:


I can act as wild as I please

Now you have to find a way to pass the time

You realize you have no one to talk to

And then your roommate comes back the next day

Sadly, my roommate will be gone for a month, she’s def getting tackled when she returns. (It’s a winter class I’m taking, she’s not missing a month of school.)

Any of my followers(or anyone) want a Japanese Kanji, look and learn workbook? Its new I got last summer but i wasn’t the type of workbook that I wanted?

Free but you’d just pay shipping. Here’s the Isbn: 9784789013505 and what the cover looks like.

I got it when I visited New York, so couldn’t take it back. Also the transaction can be done through ebay/paypal cause that’s better!

Ok quick question. What can I use to make gifs on a Windows/Dell computer?

I wish I had a Mac cause I’m sure that would be easier, but I want to learn how to make my own gif (not on sites like makeagif.com).

Hey, can ya'll sign up for this, I really need a free wake up call and i'm sure it will be of use to you too!

Does anyone know an online photoshop type site, where I can edit pictures for free?

Where I can like cut/add people from/to a picture.

Nov 6

I’m really about to start couponing! Extreme Couponing on TLC is legit.